Drug Abuse

Why Current Society Is Turning To Drug Abuse Practices

Drugs can be categorized into two groups, the medicinal drugs prescribed by doctors in hospitals and the harmful drugs which are taken to seduce the mind and feel good; they are commonly sold in the streets.

Medicines are usually drugs which are meant to speed up or slow down once body system to make it work better, but if used inappropriately they can be dangerous and even fatal.

Indeed drugs if abused, block off all sensation the desirable and the undesirable while providing a short-term happiness they tend to affect one alertness and causes cloudy thinking.

Effects of drugs on the mindtyhyvgbhnjmkj

The brain is designed to be alert to respond to daily information it’s fed with. Nevertheless, drugs can blur the mind, making a person to make irrational decisions.

Furthermore using stimulants to speed up or the seductive to slow down the brain, in large quantities can cause devastating effects to the body even death. Focus on keeping an alert mind for rational choices.

Reasons why people use drugs

Several countries and states in the world have legalized alcohol and nicotine. Many people smoke or take alcoholic drinks as a part-time exercise. Therefore the availability and legality aspect play a significant role in promoting the practice.

Prescription for drugs

Prescription drugs from doctors are common, nevertheless inappropriate use of this drugs can be a grave danger to human health and even cause death.

Peer pressure

Many people especially young adults take drugs to fit in social groups, being around individuals who abuse drugs will for sure attract you to the practice.

Feeling of emptiness

It’s natural for one to feel lonely due to one reason or another. This feeling has led people to turn to drugs as a form of solitude, trying to escape from that emptiness.

Looking to feel good

Alcoholic drinks make one feel good for a while. Therefore people facing emotional problems turn to alcoholic drinks. However, with continuous use, it can lead one to look for even stronger drugs.


Young people especially the youth, actually usually use drugs such as alcohol and nicotine to experiment on the feeling. Indeed this practice leads one to want more of the drug which eventually turns to addition.


fvgbhb hnmmmAfter a long stressful day, it’s a common practice for people to take alcoholic drinks to relieve stress. Some people smoke nicotine to relax; this practice can turn into a habit which eventually can result in addiction.


Drugs have been built to bring stimulation or seduction to the body. However, the choices that you make regarding the drug use can be beneficial or harmful. Make a wise choice for better and productive health.