Different types of dog food

dog chewing

Feeding your dog is something you have to do daily, and buying it has already become a part of your grocery list. You probably know dry and wet dog food but did you know that a specific type dog food is great for a particular breed? Here we have listed several types of dog food that you can choose depending on your dog’s breed, while also filling their nutrition balance. A breakdown of the types of dog food is based on kiddle (dry food), home-cooked meal, and a canned wet food.

dry dog foodDry dog food

Kibble or dry dog food is probably the most affordable dog food you can buy online, while also making it easy to feed as you don’t have to refrigerate or cook it, all you need to do is pour it on the bowl, and it’s all ready for your dog to eat. Kibble also has a crunch to it, which can keep your dog’s teeth healthy, which also reducing the tartar buildup. Kibble is perfect for those who don’t want to go through the hassle of preparing the dog food, be it cooking or refrigerating it.

Tip: make sure get the dog food that fits your breed, usually, the divide it by the size of your dog, but some have the product for a specific breed of a dog.

Home-cooked mealhome cook

If you have a lot of free time and wants to cook your meal for your dog, you can, and it also has some benefits that kibble and wet canned food doesn’t have. First of all, you’re the one cooking that means you know what goes into the food, what goes into your dog’s diet. Although you know everything that goes into the food, you need to be careful as well, as too much salt on the meal might cause your dog to shed a lot, which is something that you wouldn’t want.

Tip: research on what you’re going to cook, some ingredients can be dangerous for your dog, which can affect it’s health, shedding and even it’s mood.

Canned wet food

This dog food is probably the most expensive and took more time to prepare compared to the dry dog food. But it has long shelf life, while also having higher protein than the other dog foods. Always consult with your vet whether your dog needs to eat canned wet food or not.

Tip: always look for the label “100% nutritionally complete” which will assure that your dog is getting the nutrition, not just some food with high water content.