Histoplasmosis, a Silent Killer Disease Caused by Bats

histoplasma spores in lungs

Bats are a shy animal. They live by lurking in the dark and moist corners and avoid having contacts with humans. When the day comes, they sleep. And when the night falls, they feed.

holding a bat carefullyIf you have never read scientific articles about bats, the chances are that you get the image of the animal from pop-culture reference. Batman and Dracula are two famous figures that strongly associate with bats. Batman may give you the sense that living in a bat cave is okay for humans. Dracula represents bats as devil creatures preying on their victim’s blood.

In reality, those images are all false. First, only three species of bats feed on blood. They are Desmodus rotundus, Diphylla ecaudata, and Diaemus youngi. And all of them are living in Americas. Second, living in a bat’s case is a terrible idea. Histoplasmosis is a deadly disease caused by bat’s droppings that can infect human without causing an alarming symptom until it is severe.

Guanos at Your Home

bat dropping in the atticThe worst news about Histoplasmosis is that you do not have to live in a bat’s cave to catch the disease. In fact, house’s ceiling is the most favorite place for the bats. As long as there is a population of bats in a region, the houses nearby have the chances to have groups of bats nesting in there.

Guanos are the other name of bat’s droppings. And as stated in the third paragraph, they are the source of histoplasmosis disease. When the bats live in their natural habitat, guanos will not be a threat unless you are in close proximity. The disease is caused by a species of fungus called Histoplasma capsulatum. The fungus releases airborne spores that can enter a person’s respiratory system.

Check your house for every three months. If you encounter a foul and rancid smell from the roof or ceiling, investigate the source. However, observe it by keeping a distance. Remember that the disease is spread through the air. Without a proper mask and skin protection, you can suffer from skin rash and respiratory infection.
Read more about how professionals remove a bat infestation on Bat Exclusion Process – Get Rid Of Bats. You will learn that it would be better to call a pest control than to handle things on your own.

The Insidious Symptoms

plaques in the lungsHistoplasmosis is a silent killer because the symptoms are not unique. They can resemble the ones of Tuberculosis, Acute Respiratory Infection, or allergic reactions. Consequently, the doctors often give incorrect prescriptions. Here is a list of those symptoms:

  1. Fever
  2. Shortness of breath
  3. Drastic weight loss
  4. Extortion
  5. Seizure
  6. Confusion

Histoplasmosis can be more aggressive when it attacks babies. Humans in growth spurts have not yet developed strong immunity. If they get infected by a disease like Histoplasmosis, they will be prone to suffer from organ failures.

People with autoimmune disorders also experience the worst consequences from Histoplasmosis. Skin rashes, brain damage, and lungs failure can happen to them even faster than babies.

The Prevention

Besides improving the house’s hygiene and doing a regular inspection, you should also be very careful when entering a cave or other places with possible bat’s infestation. Now that you have realized the health risk which guano can impose, wearing an air mask in an exploration no longer seems too much, does it?

The Right Attitude toward the Bats

Although bats can cause histoplasmosis, their existence in the wild creates a balance in the ecosystem. If you happen to encounter them in the wild, it is important that you should not disturb them. If you find them in your house, do not exterminate but control them. Professional pest control knows the best about handling bat infestation. They can remove the bats and release them to their proper habitat.…

Tips on buying a showerhead


Buying a shower head can be a challenging venture keeping in mind that there are many shower heads available in the market. A good shower head can transform your showering experience, and it will affect the way you use water and energy in the home. There are two types of shower heads available; the fixed shower head and the hand held shower head. However, apart from the basic types of shower heads, there are other features that you should consider when buying a shower head. For instance, buying a shower head with a sensational look is an important consideration. Here are some of the things that you should check when buying a shower head.

How to buy a good shower head

Stream of water and coverage

When buying a shower head, the stream of water produced is an important consideration. You need to buy a shower head that will be able to produce a powerful stream of water. A shower head with a powerful stream of water is important so that you can remove all the soap from your body. Apart from producing a powerful stream of water, the shower head should also be able to provide good coverage of water when taking a shower. For a good showering experience, getting a good stream of water and proper coverage is important.


Keeping the water hot

Many people love a shower head with a powerful stream of water, but this comes with some disadvantages. When the water is a high pressure, then there are chances that the water gets cold before it reaches your body. It is important to keep the balance when choosing a shower head. The good news is that now it is possible to get a shower head that keeps the water warm but still has that powerful stream of water.

Easy to install

A shower head that is easy to install should be a top priority when buying. You need purchase a shower head that you can install well in your home. Some shower heads will require you to call a professional to do the installation for you, and this will cost you money. A shower head that is easy to install is the best especially if you will be required to take it to another location at some point.


Easy to adjust

At some point you might be required to adjust the stream and pressure of water and the shower head should allow you to make the necessary adjustments. Some shower heads have fixed streams of water while others will allow adjusting the stream of water.…

Tips on managing your finances


Financial management helps you gain control of your finances. There are several financial tips that you need to learn so that you can plan your finances well. Financial management is not an event. It is the small changes that have a big impact in the long run. For instance, if you are stuck in debt, the first step is to clear your debt and gain financial freedom. You also need to learn basic skills like budgeting and also saving.  These are the small steps that you take to ensure sustainability of your finances.

How to manage your finances

Determine your financial position

The first step when managing your finances is determining your financial position. It is important to have a clear understanding of your income, spending and also your debts. When you have a clear understanding of all these factors, financial management will be very easy for you. You can never know how to manage your finances if you are not organized. Determining your financial position is the best way to know how to manage your finances.


Come up with a clear budget

Budgeting is a great way to manage your finances. This might sound cliché but if it is possible to make sure that you sit down and write all your expenses, debts and everything that will require money. A clear budget will always help you to avoid overspending. A budget gives you a clear expenditure, and you will stick to it and avoid getting into debt. The best way to come up with a budget is to sit down with a pen and paper and list them down.

Pay all the bills on time

Paying bills on time is the best way to manage your finances every month. If you pay your bills on time, you will be sure that you avoid any penalties that come with a delay. Paying hefty penalties just because you did not pay your bills on time is the worst thing that can happen on your journey towards financial management.


Savings and retirement

Remember to keep separate savings and also retirement plan. You need to remember that the money that you keep now will be able to help you in future. The earlier you realize the importance of keeping the money for your future, the better for you. Knowing how to manage your finances when you are young is a good way to enjoy your retirement.…

Different types of programs a media house should air

media microphone

A media house runs its operations to meet two main objectives. One, to give unbiased news to the citizens of the country and second to run its operation is such a way that it earns profits to the owners. Profit is derived from advertisements and promotion done by media houses. The more the ad, the more the profits. A client will pay the media houses that are known to be watched by many people their commercials to advertise.

Competitive advantage in a media house can be gained by the ability of a media house to air different programs that are watched by many people. Which are the main program that a media house can achieve a significant competitive advantage other media houses?

Unbiased political news

media camThe main reason why people watch the television is to understand the political temperatures in the country. The problem with many media houses is that they are biased in their presentation of political news. Citizens of a country what to know what the government is doing as well as the opposition. They are concerned with the achievement of the government as well as the failure of the government.

Many media houses don’t cover the failures and shortcoming of the government in their news. If the trend is observed by a citizen, they shy away from such media houses. A good media house should cover unbiased political stories. They should condemn the government when it goes wrong. They should also congratulate the opposition on its achievements.

International news coverage

A media house should not only concentrate on the news of the mother country. The world is changing, the world is changing and almost becoming a global village. Events in a far country now affect the whole world. For a media house to gain a competitive advantage over other house, it should cover news from the whole world.

The best way to go about this is placing different correspondent all over the world. Employ journalist who works in other stations to work for you. They will report news in their home country that affects and important to the whole world. Political news in any country is some worthy news to broadcast in any country.

Cover health matters

media newsHealth issues affect every person in the world. They are eye-catching, and many people will want to know how to avoid diseases. In your coverage be sure to cover chronic diseases like cancer. Invite professional doctors to talk about diseases openly. Cover stories of people who have lived with these diseases. In your coverage don’t scare people. Air the content in such a way that it will give hope to the sick. Don’t make the diseases and conditions look unmanageable. Advocate for good lifestyle. Advice on the viewer’s habits that can lead to poor health conditions. Talk to the views about the kinds of foods they should take in the morning, lunch and breakfast.…

Different types of dog food

dog chewing

Feeding your dog is something you have to do daily, and buying it has already become a part of your grocery list. You probably know dry and wet dog food but did you know that a specific type dog food is great for a particular breed? Here we have listed several types of dog food that you can choose depending on your dog’s breed, while also filling their nutrition balance. A breakdown of the types of dog food is based on kiddle (dry food), home-cooked meal, and a canned wet food.

dry dog foodDry dog food

Kibble or dry dog food is probably the most affordable dog food you can buy online, while also making it easy to feed as you don’t have to refrigerate or cook it, all you need to do is pour it on the bowl, and it’s all ready for your dog to eat. Kibble also has a crunch to it, which can keep your dog’s teeth healthy, which also reducing the tartar buildup. Kibble is perfect for those who don’t want to go through the hassle of preparing the dog food, be it cooking or refrigerating it.

Tip: make sure get the dog food that fits your breed, usually, the divide it by the size of your dog, but some have the product for a specific breed of a dog.

Home-cooked mealhome cook

If you have a lot of free time and wants to cook your meal for your dog, you can, and it also has some benefits that kibble and wet canned food doesn’t have. First of all, you’re the one cooking that means you know what goes into the food, what goes into your dog’s diet. Although you know everything that goes into the food, you need to be careful as well, as too much salt on the meal might cause your dog to shed a lot, which is something that you wouldn’t want.

Tip: research on what you’re going to cook, some ingredients can be dangerous for your dog, which can affect it’s health, shedding and even it’s mood.

Canned wet food

This dog food is probably the most expensive and took more time to prepare compared to the dry dog food. But it has long shelf life, while also having higher protein than the other dog foods. Always consult with your vet whether your dog needs to eat canned wet food or not.

Tip: always look for the label “100% nutritionally complete” which will assure that your dog is getting the nutrition, not just some food with high water content.

Foods That Pregnant Individuals Should Not Take


It is an exciting moment when you know you are expecting. Coming up with daily routines and safety standards that will help you to keep your baby and you away from danger is important. You should be keen on what you are supposed to take every time even though you are required to take more portions than the usual ones during this period. The following are types of food that you should avoid at this time.

Alcohol And Cigarettesbgbhnj

Alcohol and smoking are known to cause health problems. So it is a must to avoid them, particularly when expecting, to avoid delaying the growth of the baby’s brain. Much alcohol can severely affect the child’s development.

Unripe Papaya:

Fruits and papaya should be cleaned before you have them normally as they are known to be dirty on the outside. Unripe papaya may cause uterine contraction that may hurt the baby, so it is not safe at all. Make sure you eat ripe fruits.


Pineapples are loaded with vitamins and minerals, with health benefits like healing stomach diseases, but they are not safe during pregnancy. It is thought that they can provoke a miscarriage, particularly in the initial stages of the pregnancy. Moreover, they have an ingredient identified as bromelain that induces diarrhea.


Incorporating fish in your regular diet is perfect for the baby and you, but you should avoid sea fish because it has high mercury content. If this Mercury models up in the body, it will hurt not only the unborn baby but also your brain and nerves.

Raw meat:

Taking a well-prepared meat meal is important. Meat contains salmonella and coliform bacteria which is not fit for expecting women. Freshly prepared meat is excellent, but you have to be careful of rewarmed meat since it may contain dangerous Listeria.

Juice And Milk:

Pasteurized yogurt and milk are the best when it comes to which kind of milk should expecting moms take. Cheese and anything with raw milk are not safe foods for consumption during this period. Drink pasteurized juice.


fgbhbhnjmTake one cup of either chocolate or tea in a day. Taking more may interfere with your sleep which is not good as you need to rest. Too much caffeine can result in abortion and also hinder healthy weight gain for the baby.

When you are pregnant, you should be very careful, and avoid the foods mentioned above by all means. Ensure safety of the child by changing your regular habits and usual routine to healthy ones.…

Tips For Kitchen Remodeling You Should Try


The kitchen is the busiest room or the most utilized area in the home. It is the place where people prepare their meals in, and the family gathers together to share the meals or have a talk. So, many people love having a beautiful and functional kitchen which leads to remodeling the kitchen once it is not in good condition or when they want to make it look modern and different. The following are tips to remodel your kitchen.

Repair your old appliances

Cleaning out your old cabinets and drawers is the main event in kitchen remodeling. You can do away with the old rugs, pans, and pots that have been used for long and they are wearing out in your kitchen. Get rid of the items that you don’t utilize in the kitchen to create a cleaner and an appealing look. Buy the modern equipment that you need and remember not to get things you cannot be able to use.


Having adequate space near you stove area is essential. This is the place where make your meals from. It iswdeftrhy comfortable and more enjoyable to have enough room. Do a simple but a good looking design on your spacing.

Create more storage facilities to have a clean look as you will have your things organized hence there will be no cluttered countertops. Consider making your cabinets on the ceiling where you can choose to keep the items that you do not need to use more often. This will help to have more space and keep a less cluttered look in your kitchen.


There should be more lighting in your kitchen if you added proper windows and painted using bright colors. You should place light fixture one over the sink and others above the stove and also place appropriate windows which allow more natural lighting to your home. Having more lighting in your kitchen is beautiful. Fix a dimmer for a softer environment.

Select The Right Flooring

dvrgtyhyuYou should go for a nice and appropriate floor for your kitchen. A wooden floor is a great choice for flooring as it looks beautiful, but it is not a suitable choice for your kitchen as it wears out fast. But if you like it you can use it; however, you should be aware that it needs to be refurbished more often to maintain it. A stone floor is another flooring option, but it requires seasonal resealing. Tiles can be the best choice as they stay longer and are simple to maintain.…